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Re: What's up with Weller's character?

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I don’t want to start the Trek and Nolan’s batman comparison again but there is a good chance that John Harrison might be what Bane was in TDKR and Peter Weller's character might be what Talia Al Ghul was in TDKR.
If we're going to do comparisons with Nolan's Batman movies, we should look for them not in TDKR but in TDK, which is the movie the writers have said they wanted to draw some inspiration from or something along those lines.
Was anything even known about TDKR when the script for STID was written? Star Trek finished filming May 2012 and Rises came out a few months later if I'm not mistaken.
I am kind of sad that JJ and his crew need to draw inspiration from TDK.


ST09 was better than TDK (In my opinion). Besides, Rottentomatoes and Metacritic agree with me as ST 09 has a much higher critical reception than TDK.

I consider TDK to be overrated,Dont get me wrong it was a good film but it is not the best superhero film ever. Also, I was never into the Joker worship like the comic fan boys. Joker in TDK was too much of a gary stu for my taste, I hope STID is A better film.
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