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Re: Does nu-Trek exclude Enterprise too?

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This is the Holy Bible of Star Trek time travel. It takes dozens of seemingly incompatible time travel Treks over 45 years and makes it seem as if they all function as part of a single system with a consistent set of rules. It explains a lot of the TCW, exposes Future Guy...
Braga recently revealed that Future Guy was an older Jonathan Archer. Does the book identify him as someone else?
Braga was speaking (or tweeting) from the wrong end. They had previously said that Future Guy "was probably Romulan" and that they never had any real plan for the character.

Future Guy in DTI: Watching the Clock is definitely not Jonathan Archer. He's revealed to be...
My own reasoning for guessing it was Archer was based on the interest future guy had in saving Enterprise a couple of times (and yes he seemed to also try and destroy them too) and... i think there was an ep where Archer was stranded in the future??

Also there was something in the profile that made me think it was Archer.
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