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Re: Why wasn't Naomi more socially maladjusted?

Do they sleep train people (Uhura's rapid re-education after being mindwiped) with learning drugs... If they use learning drugs, it might be impossible to formally educate children to any meaningful level if "drugs" don't have a completely positive effect on a developing brain... Does Naomi have a PADD that just forces classes down her throat and she's in charge of her on education? Or does she monopolize an entire holodeck for 6 to nine hours a dayinterrupting the jizz soaked orgies that happen in the same space before and after some holoteacher tells her why not to trust Romulans?

You can't tell me that some one doesn't borrow a modified version of that program to live out his "who's been a naughty boy" fantasies?

The Borg kids just upload text books into their brains and understand everything perfectly.

Naomi can't compete on an level playing field, if she's just supposed to remember stuff that she reads.

Although, when 10 year old Scarlet first took up the role, Naomi was 3. All she was supposed to be doing in kindergarten was learning colours.
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