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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 68; A New Beginning...

Sisko: Hmm, should I take one more picture of my food and post it to Instagram, or should I just eat it? If I take a picture, the food will get cold, but if I don't, how will my friends and mild acquaintances know what I've made for dinner?

Dukat: There's my body...over there!

Sisko: Woah, careful where you're pointing, Martok, if you're not careful, you'll poke someone's eye out! Oh, um, well you know what I mean!

Quark: So, does that mean no more strip Tongo before the wedding, also?

Worf: Hold on, I can't get a wireless signal for the PADD. I told Starfleet they should invest in a 4,000G LXE data plan, but do those dishonorable petaQ listen...
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