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One thing I agree with RoJoHen, salad dressings are doubleplusungood. Olive oil, salt, maybe some lemon juice or vinegar. If you need anything else, your salad is not worth much to start with.
I think the gooey dressings are an american obsession. If you buy a salad out here it usually has balsamic vinegar on it and some olive oil.

For variety J. Allen you can make a dressing with orange juice and some olive oil, especially if you have some carbs in your salad like beans, lentils, brown rice. They taste great with that bit of orange juice in them. I would cut out the salt, even the celery salt if I was worried about blood pressure, parmesan cheese is plenty salty as it is. Tomatoes taste quite salty on their own.. if you wean yourself off the salt habit you will be amazed at how much natural salt taste is in a lot of vegetables, eggs etc..

I don't eat many leaves because their isn't much nutrition in them and they kind of bore me. Mostly I eat baby spinach and rocket. My salads are usually chunky, peppers, zuchinnis, blanched broccoli.. whatever is on sale being the bulk of it.

You know what lemon juice is delicious on? Peas. Nuke some peas and just have them with lemon juice, they are great.

btw J. Allen maybe you should start a going veg thread. I'm not veg but regularly go weeks without eating meat. I mostly eat it when I eat out. 99% of my eating out is asian and probably where most of my meat comes from. However I grew up in a health food family (we lived on millet ) and I've always loved salads and vegies as well as finding ways to eat really really well on a budget. Vegetables are at times a fortune here because of drought and high petrol prices and great distances involved in trucking stuff but that's just gotten me inspired to find ways to feature whatever is the current bargain vegetable. Anyway.. you should start a food thread. We can post pics and talk about legumes.

I think you are doing yourself a HUGE plus by going veg

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