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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 68; A New Beginning...

Sisko: "Hmm...



Dax (offscreen): "Benjamin, just let us see how you've mutilated the goatee".

Sisko: "I'm deep in thought...".

Kira and Dukat scout out the secret Deep Space Nine character clubhouse...

Kira: "I don't believe it. Even Mora Pol got an invite. He's, like, in two episodes!"

Dukat: "Is that...George Primmin?"

Martok: "That caption master is an imposter! I'd recognise LeadHead anywhere, and that is no LeadHead!

Kira: "Oh, that's right, you were unconscious last contest..."

Worf: "Beautiful. The sun rises over its pristine domain, bringing new light to the crisp perfection of nature's bounty. *Sighs contentedly*. After a breakfast of freshly killed SnarGh beast, we rise to meet the freshness of a new day".

Jadzia: "I'm going to throw up".
We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, and the best of us is washed away.

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