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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 68; A New Beginning...

Sisko: "Hmm...



Dax (offscreen): "Benjamin, just let us see how you've mutilated the goatee".

Sisko: "I'm deep in thought...".

Kira and Dukat scout out the secret Deep Space Nine character clubhouse...

Kira: "I don't believe it. Even Mora Pol got an invite. He's, like, in two episodes!"

Dukat: "Is that...George Primmin?"

Martok: "That caption master is an imposter! I'd recognise LeadHead anywhere, and that is no LeadHead!

Kira: "Oh, that's right, you were unconscious last contest..."

Worf: "Beautiful. The sun rises over its pristine domain, bringing new light to the crisp perfection of nature's bounty. *Sighs contentedly*. After a breakfast of freshly killed SnarGh beast, we rise to meet the freshness of a new day".

Jadzia: "I'm going to throw up".
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