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Re: Why wasn't Naomi more socially maladjusted?

teacake wrote: View Post
I wish I had her childhood.

NO SCHOOL. No little shits tormenting me.. interesting adults who went out of their way to interact with me to make my childhood a positive experience. Important impressive people like the Captain full of good will about my development. ADVENTURE. Never having to go shopping. Lots of books and holoprograms and the best windows ever in any childhood to look out of.
The only problem with those windows is that it's lethal to go outside without a space suit. I grew up on an acreage, with no other kids around. So while I did have problems interacting with other kids (terminally shy), at least I had the outdoors. Naomi didn't have that unless she got to have shore leave with the rest of the crew (the holodeck just isn't the same).

lurok wrote: View Post
I'd still love to have seen a future Naomi more akin to the future Scarlett If only VOY had continued a few more series we might have got Wildman: The Goth Years.
So write it. This forum has a place for fanfic.

R. Star wrote: View Post
teacake wrote: View Post
You don't think Icheb is her type? I do.
I dunno, Naomi seems quite quirky and outgoing. Icheb really seems closed in and completely lacking in a sense of humor.

Always figured Icheb would be a good fit for the "my height is insufficient" girl.. what was her name? Azati? Something like that.

Merlanthe wrote: View Post
I always thought that Naomi and Icheb would be a perfect cute little couple someday in the future.
Icheb is exactly Naomi's type. He's smart, considerate, willing to either teach her or play with her, as the mood strikes, and part-Borg. Since Seven became one of her teachers, she seemed to have a knack for getting along with ex-Borg, and there are some rather good Naomi/Icheb stories in the Voyager section of

Besides... before the Borg kids came along, I suspect she was given a few age-appropriate "social lessons" on the holodeck in how to get along with people her own age, while managing to teach her that the holodeck is no substitute for real life (how many RL kids in our world would happily live in the holodeck instead of reality?).
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