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Re: Tomalak's intelligence?

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There always seemed to be a huge discrepancy in the sizes people appeared on the Enterprise-D viewscreen - Q for example in the pilot, and the Ferengi in "The Last Outpost". It was a weird choice.
Well, the Ferengi were deliberately made huge on the viewscreen in "The Last Outpost." It was even explicitly stated in dialogue that the image was distorted in some way. The idea was that the Ferengi were making themselves look big and scary to compensate for how small they really were (shades of Balok).

Anyway, why wouldn't there be a discrepancy? It's not as if every alien ship commander or government official would all be sitting exactly the same distance from their cameras and have them all on the exact same zoom setting.

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Novels aren't canon, of course.
A: Everyone here knows that.

B: How is that in any way relevant to the conversation?
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