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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

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I almost thought that Thredson was going to catch Lana on her way out the door. As she descended the stairs my guts twisted.
I was literally yelling at the TV "GET IN THE FUCKING CAB!!!"

The scenes with Dylan McDermott and the hooker as he suckled on her nipples grossed me out and scared me at the same time. So freakin' fraking sick.
That was messed up.

I hope Sister Jude brings a world of hurt on to that place, especially the Monsignor. He's had several chances to do the right thing, and blows it every time. BTW: I think he's terribly miscast. My only beef with this season.

So now Kit has two wives and two babies. What are the aliens' plans for him/them?
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