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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt2 *SPOILERS*

Yep, it's available early if you know where to look. I already know I'm buying the Blu-Ray at the end of the month, so I figured why bother waiting?

I thought part one was excellent. The animation was beautifully reminiscent of the original book, the voice acting was spot on, there isn't a single downside to that movie, so there's no surprise that part two continues in exactly the same vein.

Emerson is pitch perfect as the Joker. I'd been looking forward to hearing him in full on Joker mode, and he does not disappoint at all. He captures every nuance of the character perfectly, from eerie psychotic calm, to full on maniacal rage. Perfect casting for this version of the clown prince of crime.

The climactic battle between Batman and the boy scout is brilliantly realised, and quite brutal, as you'd expect from the tone of the story.

No real need to go into major plot points; we all know the story, and those who don't are in for one hell of a ride. Just know that if you enjoyed part one, you're gonna love part two.

My copy also had a sneak peek at Superman Unbound at the end, which I for one can not wait for.
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