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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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Exactly spot-on. Again, it is all about PERSPECTIVES. That is probably the best summation of the likely attitude which Spock has to deal with on a ship full of humans.
Again though, it makes him a hypocrite because he knows full well that the Vulcans used to be far worse than Humanity ever was.
So? He's never exactly kept that to himself. He's more than happy to tell people Vulcans were bad ass crazy back in the day. He uses it a teaching moment.

Do we bring up the Vikings every time a Scandinavian criticizes the current behavior of another country?

Also, the fact that SPOCK is a product of the history and philosophies of his culture, does not mean that his personal feelings have to go lock-step with the collective norm.

So while he is well aware of the "barbaric" past of the Vulcans, that in no way means that he does not have to fight the urge to rip the head off off Dr. McCoy and shout Shakespearean Soliloquies down the good Doctors erased neck.

It just makes him real.

As I said before, "folks is folks" saying one thing, while thinking another.
"Teaching English As A Second Language to the Cohms, it's what I do"
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