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RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Not even kidding. I don't eat lettuce or tomatoes. I think salads are one of the most disgusting things ever.
Really? I love salads, and you can do so much with them.

cooleddie74 wrote: View Post
Give me a plate full of seedless cucumber slices, grape tomatoes and croutons drizzled in lowfat or fat free French, Thousand Island or Ranch dressing and I love it.

Mind you, I'll probably eat a taco or burger a few hours later, but I do love my salads....when they're done right.
I like a salad with tomato, kale, spinach leaves, Romaine, carrot slices, and red onions, with either a dash of olive oil and pepper, or vinaigrette. Of course, I've always been predisposed to veggies over meat anyway, so going full on veg won't be as rough a transition for me. My only concern is keeping it going, as buying food for a non-veggie family and still maintaining that veggie lifestyle is difficult on a limited budget, and there's no way my family would go vegetarian themselves, they're a meat loving family.

Hell, Rojo would fit right in. My dad likes a big steak or piece of chicken, mashed potatoes, and a tiny "salad" of half a tomato and a few pieces of lettuce, and it better be covered in ranch. Mom likes salads, but they have to be full of chicken, bacon bits, cheese, and such, or she won't eat much of it.

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