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Re: Recommend a good RPG?

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So much so, that Drew Karpyshyn is now atop my list-of-enemies.
Oh don't get me started on what BioWare did with the Jedi Exile.

Ah well. I'll always have KOTOR2, and I swear I'm going to do another playthrough sometime this year.
Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Fallout 3/New Vegas -- If you didn't like Oblivion, you may not like this, unless you are more comfortable with post-apocalyptic settings. But really, the gameplay style is very much in the Elder Scrolls mold (given that it's made by the same company.)
Pedantic correction: Fallout 3 is made by the same company as the Elder Scrolls series. New Vegas, while sharing the engine and mechanics, is made by Obsidian Entertainment (also of KOTOR2 and the upcoming Project Eternity fame)... and thus largely made by people responsible for the original Fallout games from Black Isle.

Torchlight series -- If you liked the Diablo games, you would probably like this.
While Torchlight is fine, I'd suggest skipping it to get right to Torchlight 2 because that's the one with coop. Unless you're in this primarily for the single player experience, which Torchlight provides pretty well.
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