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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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What's more important? That Old Spock use his knowledge to help the Federation or that Kirk and Spock grow to become the heroes they are supposed to become?
What is more important? Ensuring the that your younger self has a bromance with your old captain, or saving billions of lives?

No temporal prime directive applies in this case. Spock is not from their future. This is a branching timeline, remember?
Well, Spock Prime chose bromance in the movie. Even Spock wondered why he didn't just beam aboard the Enterprise and explain things (which insinuates that must've been an entirely acceptable option).

What you're asking is a moral and philosophical question with no pat answer. There is a lot of ambiguity in the issue, as has been brought out in dozens of posts. You tend to be treating it as if there is one right answer, or that one should at least "play the probabilities" that divulging things will always turn out for better.

Even if someone from the future could've put a top on Kennedy's car in Dallas in 1963 as spared his life, what happens after the change is purely problematic. Who knows what would actually be better in one hundred or two hundred years? Or even ten years?

Maybe Spock Prime just doesn't want to be God.
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