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Re: Recommend a good RPG?

Some games I would recommend that are either RPGs or have RPG elements:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution -- Great story, great atmosphere, great gameplay, with a few minor flaws and bugs. Can be had for rather cheap now on the 360, I think, although the PC version is superior.

BioShock -- The first one is a modern classic. Again, great story, great atmosphere, great gameplay. Get it.

Legend of Grimrock -- This is a roguelike in the mold of the old Eye of the Beholder/Dungeon Master type games, but with modern graphics. Very thin on story, but lots of fun and varied gameplay.

Duke Nukem Forever -- Like the others, great atmosphere, great story, great ga... hahahaha, just kidding! Not as terrible as its reputation would have you believe, but probably not worth your time.

Fallout 3/New Vegas -- If you didn't like Oblivion, you may not like this, unless you are more comfortable with post-apocalyptic settings. But really, the gameplay style is very much in the Elder Scrolls mold (given that it's made by the same company.)

Borderlands -- An action RPG/FPS hybrid, but with a cool atmosphere and Diablo-like loot drops. It's fun. There's also a sequel.

Torchlight series -- If you liked the Diablo games, you would probably like this.

Sacred series -- Ditto.

I'll let you know if I think of any more. Many of these are PC games, but I believe most are also available on the 360.
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