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Yes! And he has real books! Although I gotta say they look like Law School texts, but at least they're paper and ink.
Real books! Yes! Imagine that! Yeah, that binding does make them look like some sort of textbooks. They could also be just old and valuable editions of the classics. But it's nice to see real books still holding an esteemed place in the future. There's nothing like them, really. Kindles and tablets can't replace the touch and smell of an actual book. Glad to see Trek acknowledge that in ENT as it did in TNG with Picard's Shakespeare tome.

jespah wrote:
It's quite a bit of personal stuff/personal space going on - from V'Lar extending her hand, to the Vulcan (name escapes me) talking about his father with Tucker, to Jon in his quarters, roughhousing with Porthos, to T'Pol going into Jon's quarters in the first place. I figure people gossip on the ship (it's pretty normal to do so), and so below decks characters might see her go in and think hmmm .... Not necessarily maliciously, more along the lines of, did you hear ...?
You're quite right, yes. The whole episode revolves around people's personal space, even Hoshi giving up her quarters. Wasn't that Vulcan talking to Tucker about his father in another episode, though? Wasn't that in "Fusion"? Anyway, I also thought about the fact that T'Pol has no problem going into the captain's room. If that's not feeling comfortable with somebody, I don't know what it is. Also, the fact that she's willing to talk to him about her history with V'Lar. That's again a confession of a personal nature.

jespah wrote:
There's a proprietary question, but JA also wants to be sure that he's setting a good example and doesn't just look like a lust-crazed maniac in space.
Yeah, and sleeping with your first officer really doesn't seem right. Maybe when she's not your first officer anymore, but while two people hold the most senior positions on a ship, it doesn't seem like the right thing to do.
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