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Re: Uses of the Reliant studio model in Trek

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You could always do one on the Klingon BOP model, which was often used in cases where an original design had been planned, and which has such fun scaling issues.
Well, for the most part there really wasn't any specific type of Klingon ship that the scriptwriters really needed, so using random K'T'inga and BoP stock footage and new BoP model shots really wasn't that big a deal (except of course for their antiquated designs, which mirrored the uses of the Excelsior, Miranda, and Oberths with Starfleet). The only two times I can think of where different ships were clearly needed was with the K'Vort class in "Yesterday's Enterprise" and the absolutely ludicrously oversized BoPs in "The Defector." The thing is, they could have easily solved both of those issues without even spending any more money: They could have re-used the Promellian ship (with a green color added in post), just like they did for Noggra's ship in DS9. Judging by the size of the ship when docked at the upper pylon, that ship is huge. And one could even get away with saying that the model even looks vaguely like a Klingon ship.
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