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Re: "Fallen Hero"

Yes! And he has real books! Although I gotta say they look like Law School texts, but at least they're paper and ink.

It's quite a bit of personal stuff/personal space going on - from V'Lar extending her hand, to the Vulcan (name escapes me) talking about his father with Tucker, to Jon in his quarters, roughhousing with Porthos, to T'Pol going into Jon's quarters in the first place. I figure people gossip on the ship (it's pretty normal to do so), and so below decks characters might see her go in and think hmmm .... Not necessarily maliciously, more along the lines of, did you hear ...?

In some ways that can also lend some credence to the goings on during A Night in Sick Bay, e. g. where JA is quietly lusting after T'Pol but can't do anything (and so his subconscious is betraying him). After all, first Warp Five ship - plus he's already had a relationship with Erika Hernandez. There's a proprietary question, but JA also wants to be sure that he's setting a good example and doesn't just look like a lust-crazed maniac in space.
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