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Re: Recommend a good RPG?

I'm mostly a WRPG gamer who's quite comfortable with live combat (although also wasn't comfortable with the first Mass Effect's combat, I still think that was a game that didn't know what it wanted to be mechanically, with the MAKO missions just being the tip of the iceberg). But keeping that in mind - and that you enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins and the Mass Effect Trilogy - I am going to make the outstandingly original recommendation of both Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic games.

The combat is kind of quasi-real time in that you can pause it at any time and assign commands when paused, although it's relatively more straightforward IMHO than Dragon Age and it handles better than the first Mass Effect because it's not really trying to be a shooter with cover mechanics on top of that. But past that both KOTOR games are some of the best story material the Star Wars franchise has done in years, with surprising twists, some rich characterisation and suitably epic plots... while neither game is really that long.

The first KOTOR gets all the love but the second KOTOR is one of my favourite RPGs, if not my favourite RPG period. Unfortunately it suffered a rushed production schedule and a lot of material was cut from the final release. It pretty much has to be played with the Sith Lord Restored Content mod*, which has painstakingly fixed bugs and added back whatever cut content it was able to. Even with that caveat - or even without that mod - they're just two great games.

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I'm currently playing through the Witcher 2 which IMO is fantastic.
I hear that's good. I'm still trudging through the Witcher, which is... well it's okay.

*Consequently it is admittedly ideal to get this game at least for PC. Either one is available pretty cheaply from Steam.
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