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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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The most offensive term I've encountered lately is the tendency of some politicians to refer to members of their party as "Real American Patriots".
It strikes you that way because it is universal code for 'Fascist Regime', as in: The REAL ___(a)___ ____(b)___.

For space 'A' simply input any one of the flowing Geo/Policio terms, and for space 'B' simply input any one of the flowing organization structural descriptors.

LIST A: America, German, Russian, Italian, British, Ugandan, Roman, etc.

LIST B: Patriots, Party, Mafia, Union, Empire, Republic, Collective

Mix and Match, have fun, discover Historical Dictators and their Nationalist fervor-driven regimes!!!

Research the political agendas they instilled by controlling the masses (usually instituted during times of economic despair,... often sold as the "road to recovery" by some big personality who appears suddenly out of the mist to challenge, or out right over-throw, the currently installed government - while promising to deliver the people with his 'new deal', "new world order', 'new plan', 'new way', 'new dawn',... take your pick)

So yes,.. anytime you see the words The REAL before an organizations moniker, watch out.
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