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Re: "Fallen Hero"

I am looking forward to your post, jespah! Maybe I'll do a rewatch and see what other ideas I get. In the meantime, I also wanted to post an image that probably best sums up the spirit of this episode.

Oh, and I also loved this moment:

I've always enjoyed scenes showing the senior crew unwinding in their spare time, especially the captains since they are the ones that need to keep the most formal appearance of all the officers. So seeing Archer lying in bed and playing with his dog is a nice touch.

It's also interesting that his discussion with T'Pol about V'Lar takes place in this most informal of settings, within his personal space, and not in his Ready Room. It establishes T'Pol's request as personal one, appealing to Archer as a friend more than her superior officer. And the fact that she is comfortable enough to do that means that, indeed, a bond has formed between the two.
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