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DS9 Caption Contest 68; A New Beginning...

First of all I would like to thank LeadHead for passing over this contest to me. We talked about it and LeadHead wanted a change, though from time to time LeadHead may send me a few pictures for captioning, and perhaps even host one contest sometime in this year.

As for my caption contest credentials, I've been running the VOY caption contests for almost half a year now, and half of you guys have probably already participated in them...

As for myself I am a 9er with a passion, DS9 is my favourite Star Trek series (and also the chief inspiration for some fan fic stories of mine), by day I'm completing my mathematics degree, at night I'm watching DS9 or writing stories or skateboarding or playing BFBC2 or adding pictures to the image banks for both the DS9 and VOY caption contests. I hate candy, television and tribbles so without further ado I present you the winners of last contest...

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post

Sisko: "Get that identity crisis shit outta my office. This is a swagger-only zone."
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

Martok realizes Worf has no sense of humor about his wife's age.
Antni wrote: View Post

Worf: Worf to Odo, we've caught another one urinating on the promenade on his way home from the bar. Prepare another cell.
Kira: you think it's clever what you've just done?
Bashir: ..but the plant needed watering officer *hic*
Honorable Ensign wrote: View Post

Garak: Lower.
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

DAX: A hole in the roof is a bad thing, right?


And now, replacing the 'shiny new runabout award' I give you instead the 'Morn's Laughter Award'.

Tosk wrote: View Post

Garak: "I can't see your ears."
Worf: "No one ever has."

With the winners chosen, here are the next five pictures waiting to be captioned...

The next contest will take place on the 21st of January, there will be one caption contest per week and they will start on Monday's so as to start the week on a good note...

Have fun!
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