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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I like the Ambassador.

It is a perfect blend of old and new design aesthetics.

I think many negative opinions come from the fact, that the model was low on detail and up until now was only seen in low rez fuzzy pictures.

Cryptic's version lost all the fuzziness and has more details but is even more low rez.

Keep the general shape, photograph it in HD and use a model with the detail levels of the Ent-D and it is a very good design.

I like the D as well and wish we could fly high rez versions of it like the spacedock one in game.

I don't think it's bloated at all, it's just damn big. What the filming model needed was a better sense of the materials to give it scope: windows that seemed to be real back lit glass, a deflector that looked like a different kind of metal/alloy than the hull, more details for the bussards...
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