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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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To each his own. IMO - the Ambassador Class design is way better looking then the modern art monstrosity (at least for it time in the 1980ies) that we call the 1701-D Galaxy Class.

I've NEVER liked the look of the Galaxy Class 1701-D since I first saw it in 1987. I probably would have liked TNG a little better if they had gone with the Ambassador Class as the hero ship for that show.

[And actually, while I still dislike the stock Galaxy Class, I actually find the 'Venture Class' skin variant Cryptic came up with tolerable; and like that look in place of the original Galaxy Class. YMMV.
I know it's heresy, but I kind of agree with you. I never cared for the Galaxy. It's bloated and not very organic. Of the seven official Big Es, it's my least favorite.

And despite what I said in previous post, I also agree that some of Cryptic's variants are quite lovely. I for one love the Bellerophon which I assume is a Cryptic original. It's been a really long time since I've seen IAESL, but I'm pretty sure Ross's ship was just a standard Intrepid. Not to mention there was usually an Intrepid docked at DS9 which makes the most sense to have been the Bellerophon.

In any case, I've contemplated paying the 1500 Zen just for the skin. I know it's a total waste, but I just love it. Maybe if we ever get the fleet to T5--or at least before 2020.
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