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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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Did you know that there's still hatred for the Japanese by some Americans who are not old enough to buy cigarettes?
And? There are still some kids who hate black people, Jewish people and gay people as well. But that number gets smaller and smaller every generation.

You really shouldn't be commenting on something that you seemingly have no first hand experience with...
When you say "seemingly", then that's an indication that you're not sure.

But I'm not really sure what you're ultimately getting at. I don't understand your usage of the word/question "and", when I think think the statement I made is very clear in relation to the Cold War generational gap issue. And I don't see where your reference to hatred of blacks, Jews, and gays play in.

What exactly is it I shouldn't be commenting on? I'm getting the impression that it's so much an issue of lack of knowledge, but something that just shouldn't be discussed.
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