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Re: "AGE OF THE HOBBITS": Asylum finally sued for making ripoff movies

Excerpt from the review of this film that was linked to many posts above (talks about the term 'Hobbit' too):

You might be wondering to yourself right now what exactly does any of this mockbuster have to do with Hobbits or, for that matter, how The Asylum is able to legally get away with using the word in the title. You see, Hobbits weren’t just a figment of Tolkien’s imagination; they’re also the name of an actual pygmy tribe that lived in Indonesia thousands of years ago. Age of the Hobbits is set in Indonesia 12,000 years ago, as an on-screen graphic reveals at the outset. Lest you think this is going to be an historical epic with shades of Apocalypto, apparently 12,000 years ago in Indonesia spiders the size of elephants and flying Komodo dragons also existed.
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