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Re: Java security warning

^ Then I take it you hate Windows when a particularly destructive virus appears on the scene and foils a number of anti-virus programs before it can be stopped?

Java works and is actually much more powerful than most other languages used to write web enabled applications. Yes, it's not perfect and it got off to a rather rocky start (the garbage collection fiasco was ridiculous), in addition to it being utilized incorrectly. Peoplesoft should not have moved to Java then--it was seriously premature. So that gave Java a black eye, because Sun Microsystems should have discouraged Peoplesoft for being a guinea pig.

So, no bird has come to roost. A security flaw was uncovered BEFORE malware could be written to take advantage of it. But given the flavor of your wording, you've got a vendetta against the language and just can't wait for the next flaw to appear.
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