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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Am I the only one not excited about the Ambassador? It just seems silly to me at this point. I really liked the Oddy, as an anniversary ship, as it was very STO. But the Ambassador? Old and busted I hear there's both a T3 ship (where the Ambassador would logically belong) and a T5 ship. Maybe different?

At least I have some KDF toons this time. I missed out on the ship last year because I was so new I didn't have a second character.
We needed the Ambassador as a mid-tier ship at launch, not now. All my chars are max level and I don't know when I'll start a new one. Plus it's an ugly ship IMHO.
To each his own. IMO - the Ambassador Class design is way better looking then the modern art monstrosity (at least for it time in the 1980ies) that we call the 1701-D Galaxy Class.

I've NEVER liked the look of the Galaxy Class 1701-D since I first saw it in 1987. I probably would have liked TNG a little better if they had gone with the Ambassador Class as the hero ship for that show.

[And actually, while I still dislike the stock Galaxy Class, I actually find the 'Venture Class' skin variant Cryptic came up with tolerable; and like that look in place of the original Galaxy Class. YMMV. ]
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