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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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I can see Old Spock giving advice if Starfleet truly needed it, but I don't see him preemptively taking out every single threat to the Federation. Especially since this is a different timeline and his knowledge only applies to a timeline with ships that are smaller and seem to be less advanced. For all we know the new Enterprise could stop the Doomsday Machine will one shot. It would also limit the Federation and interfere with their development. They need to learn how to stop some threats on their own.
Like I said before, Spock has to do the risk/reward analysis with regard to this information. I don't think he's obligated to give up every fact about the future.

But why allow needless plagues and famines to be met without administrative support?

Why should Spock chance supposing that the new Constellation will pack enough of a wallop to stop the machine (she is of the same class as Enterprise) with Commoder Decker's first assault? Seeing how ineffectual the Enterprise was against a mining ship (along with the rest of the fleet), we know that the Federation is not advanced beyond Old Spock's level of technology (they didn't even have the formula for transwarp beaming!). And even if we supposed that Decker would take out the DDM with one shot. What about the countless star systems that will be destroyed so long as Starfleet is ignorant of this threat?
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