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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

All Alone in the Night - This was an ok episode. It was interesting to see the actor who played Admiral Leyton in DS9 (the guy who attempted a military coup) play a general who iss trying to stop people from taking over the government. The parts with the genral was good. The abduction was ok, but seemed pretty pointless. Sheridan's dream sequence was annoying, as was Kosh popping in at the end of the episode just to make some weird, mysterious statement.

Acts of Sacrifice - I liked this episode. The battle scene in the beginning was cool. Its interesting to learn as the series goes on that the Centauri are much more vicious then I would have guessed in the beginning. Also, I didn't think about it before seeing the guard kill the Narn, but energy guns in B5 don't have stun settings, do they? They don't seem to have nonlethal weapons in the security force, atleast none I've noticed. The ambassador wanting to have sex with Ivanova was hilarious. I liked how the music got very dramatic after he announced they had to have sex. Her solution to the problem was pretty funny.
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