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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

6. Waiting for Superman: B

This documentary from a couple years back that champions Charter Schools as a viable option to combat our failing schools. Now my friends that are teachers just saw this documentary as an insult. A few others though did not but they are also the ones who agree that bad teachers need to be booted. Seems the idea of tenure has a grip on some.

Tenure really does need to be revisited. Where else is there virtually no threat of losing your job unless apparently you sleep with a student. The doc drills on this as various states have a way of passing off bad teachers from school to school. Some states it's the Lemon Dance, the Turkey Trot but it's about hoping the bad teacher you get is less bad than the one you had.

I just see Charter Schools as another option. The doc states that Magnet Schools are one option but even those are limited. At one point Magnets didn't exist either but are accepted today. Charter is just a new additional alternative that some would seek out.

The doc does acknowledge that not all Charter Schools reach their ideals, but most do. I just don't see the threat here as an outsider. Choices are great, or should be.

I don't think Charter or Magnet schools should be a crutch though to let Traditional Public Schools off the hook. No one can do anything about lack of initiative within a students home. That culture is it's own problem and one cited by those wanting out. Surrounded by kids not encouraged to learn who bring that into the schools who make the teachers then indifferent. Some impetus should still be on those teachers to not willingly turn into "Lemons" or "Turkey's".
If their numbers are anywhere near right than we are using more tax dollars per student in traditional public schools vs many private schools to educate our youth. Why not let those who want to invest the time choose how and where the tax dollars for their child are invested towards their education?
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