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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Yeah, the healer is really meant for Tankasins while questing and soloing heroics. As a sorc, you're better off just using Khem and healing yourself--as I noted up thread. In some cases, you might try switching to your preferred DPSer to clear easy content quicker.

You will, however, might change to the healer once you hit 50 and start doing dailies. A lot of people spec their class to pure DPS and bring their healer. That way they can just tear through the daily trash and not worry about stopping to recoup.

As I said before, just run a hybrid and you should be fine.

I did a couple of quick builds to give you an idea. I don't know what level you're currently at, so given you're on Hoth I went to 35. Granted, I haven't played either my sorc or sage in months, and some of the skills have change. So I'm kind of winging it. Feel free to change as you see fit.

The first one is a "safe" build. It's slow, but you shouldn't die much. Plus, you should be able to heal any pre-50 FP with this.

This next one is a bit more aggressive; plus, you get bubble stun:

I did a madness one as well in case you prefer that:
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