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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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We don't know what Starfleet knows.
We know that three Starfleet Officers know. We know they had to file reports/logs about this incident. The story says nothing about Spock going into hiding. Nu Spock encounters him out in the open. The burden of proof is on the one who would suppose that Starfleet does not know.

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The only one whose coming across as desperate is you.
I'm doing this for fun. Why are you?

The game here is dialectic, not rhetoric. I am not here to see if everyone simply agrees with my intuitions or appetitive preferences. I am here to offer arguments, ask questions, and to test them against your reasons. When compelled by reason, I submit.

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You keep serving it up and it keeps getting smashed back in your face.
I expect disagreement. Disagreement does not discourage me. Only reasons discourage me.

When a poster says, "Yes, these are flaws, but this is no reason to dislike the film" I am completely disarmed, because I have no good reason to disagree with that sentiment.

You, however, have boasted that you can come up with "reason after reason" that Spock should not offer even the uncontroversial varieties of assistance I have mentioned. I find this incredulous. I am here to put your boast to the dialectical test.

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Then you try to spin it as people being inflexible because they don't share your views.
It's not spin, if that is the case.

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The universe suffered a wound with the loss of Vulcan and it will heal on its own terms. It doesn't need Spock running around trying protect every person from every tragedy that is about to transpire.
Forget Vulcan. Again, forget time travel. Think forward.

You are walking by a house. You see a child drowning. You can swim. The gate is open. Do you intervene?

You know that there is a bomb in a building that will go off in three days. Do you warn the authorities?

You're walking next to a blind person who is about to step of a ledge. Do you warn him?
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