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Re: Minor BTTF Part Two question

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TNG was edited on video, but shot on film. If it was shot on video there'd be no HD version to make.

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I consider this a "you might as well change it if you can" kind of thing, but I think changing how the DeLorean flew by CGI to erase the flaws also defeats the point: it was quite charming - and it took a lot of work - to use all kinds of techniques to make it fly back then.
Fair point. There is a tangible difference between a pane of glass inserted solely for the actor's safety versus the creative process behind making the effect of a car fly.
There's like only 3 scenes I would be extatic if they fixed up somehow.

The first one is when Biff takes the Delorean. You could clearly tell that the model they were using was being shaken by a Bulldozer or similar vehicle.

The second one is the horribly matte looking shot of the plane that swoops by them in the alternate 1985.

The third one is when Marty clocks evil 1985 Biff with the Delorean's door, and the car take off from the roof. That swoop it does is horribly fake.

I think that's pretty much all I would change in the entire series.
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