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Re: First Contact Censorship?

I don't think it is EVER possible to figure out what will get censored at any given time.
Back in 1983, my folks won a surprise trip to Ireland on a short-lived daytime network show (I think it was called FANTASIES or something like that.) When the late Meredith Mcrae (still insanely hot nearly 15 years after PETTICOAT JUNCTION, I can honestly add) got my mom to open the front door and told her the news, my mom just kept shouting

Yet when the show aired (and we still have a wobbly VHS of this), the GOD parts of her speech were simply muted, it was all OH MY ____dead space____ (and REPEAT)

I mean who wouldn't be yelling something like that? Was it going to corrupt some young agnostic's mind? I've never had any belief in deities, but shit, I wasn't offended (sorry, guess that should read _____, I wasn't offended.)
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