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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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I, for one, never denied the flaws. I only denied that the flaws should necessarily stop someone from enjoying an otherwise fun and entertaining film (flaws and all).
In which case, we're in agreement.

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Switching gears, I've thought I good Abramsverse story could be told surrounding the surviving Vulcan peoples' search for a new homeworld. I think an interesting Vulcan antagonist could be developed who has a motive with which we could sympathize (the search for a new planet for the homeless Vulcan Refugees), but even though we have sympathy for his plight, he may use methods which we find disturbing.

...For example, a Vulcan who isn't beyond bending and breaking of moral rules (maybe even killing?) in the name of finding his people a home. A story such as this could be ripe with moral ambiguities, which can always make for good drama.

Although that may mirror the Palestinian-Israeli issue to much.
Good ideas! Nothing so detailed has occurred to me, but the loss of Vulcan is an itch waiting to be scratched.
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