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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Am I right in guessing that the whole LS/DS thing only matters to Jedi and Sith? As far as I can tell, only lightsabers have alignment requirements and aside from crew affection, a few extra mail rewards here and there I haven't noticed any major impact on the non-force user classes.
In terms of gear I think it only matters to Jedi/Sith, but I've heard the storyline (or at least the side-quests) does change for the other classes depending on your side of the force. At the very least, the conversations will change, with some being more entertaining than others. I don't have direct experience of a non-force class yet.
Haven't played for roughly 4 months, so I don't know if things have changed, but used to be you had to be progressing in either light or dark while leveling to be able to keep upgrading your relics. All classes would benefit.
Ah, I didn't realise non-force chars can use relics. I don't really understand the lore of that (I mean, they're basically force-imbued objects, right?), but I suppose it's needed for mechanical balance.

Talking of the potential for conflict between mechanics and story, I really like the healer companion you get in the inquisitor storyline on Hoth. His personality is hilarious, and the fact that you can Flirt with him as a female sorcererr only makes him funnier. But I don't like the way he operates mechanically with a very DPS-orientated sorcerer. He's not quite powerful enough a healer to compensate for your lack of endurance, or at least, I'm not good enough a player so prefer having a tank along especially when trying to deal with mobs with two Strong npcs in them (even if I Whirlwind one of them out of action for a while). Shame, because he's a hoot otherwise!
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