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Re: Reunification 25 Years After Star Trek The Next Generation

^ It's also worth factoring in Worf's role. Tasha Yar was made fairly redundant in the early scripts as Michael Dorn's part became more evidently 'correct' for situations that Tasha should have been doing, something which becomes even more patently obvious in retrospect. Hide & Q sees Tasha quickly sidelined to the penalty box while her role in the script is taken by Worf, running around on the planet fighting Q's vicious animal things. Too Short A Season has another scene where Tasha leads the charge on the planet, but Worf is right there beside her, and even takes over at one point. There are numerous other cases of note through that first year.

I contend that if she had've stuck around instead of running, she'd have found these initial kinks in the cast dynamic being ironed out and the writers finding a way for both roles to work together dramatically in the scripts. We almost seen this beginning to happen. But I don't blame her for going, as it was quite clear that in the early part of the season the production team were finding Worf too delicious a character to pass up on.
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