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Re: The strong link between 70s/80s Trek literature & JJ Abrams Star T

Diane Carey seems to have written a cycle of novels dealing with different aspects of Kirk's childhood and days at Starfleet Academy. And it is this view, presented by Carey, that JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindhof seem to have taken as the basis for their new continuity. I originally found the idea of the crew happening to fall into their roles on the Enterprise unbelievably, but if they were always in the same class at Starfleet, it makes much more sense (in TOS, Kirk would have sent for McCoy's transfer, as an old friend from the Academy, for example). The books I can identify are:

- Starfleet Academy: Cadet Kirk (Spock, McCoy and Kirk at the academy + Spock/Kirk antagonism)

- Best Destiny (Kirk's youth as a directionless young man, Kirk's parents named George and Winona)

- Final Frontier (Kirk's father, George, serves as first officer of the Enterprise, under Robert April)

- Enterprise: The First Adventure (not Diane Carey, but portrays Kirk/Spock's early relationship)

They have also mentioned they were influenced by the novels Prime Directive, and Spock's World. I bet that last one in particular had a big influence on their portrayal of Vulcan society, and the Federation. As well as reading Arthur C Clarke books, and The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven (a non-Trek book too).
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