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Re: Design Prometheus with the original five subships

The thing I like about the three-ship version is that the "drones" are the ones with the big engines, while the "carrier" is just a big load the "drones" haul along on combined flight mode. Makes sense: the drones need big engines to be credible combatants, while the carrier doesn't actually need to maneuver, or carry anything, but just stands back and lets the four people aboard guide the otherwise uncrewed fight.

For a five-component ship, then, I'd keep the four-nacelle layout, but have each engine attached to a single drone... When preparing for a fight, the thing splits in the middle like an arrow that has somehow wronged Robin Hood, and the control section emerges from the middle of the bow bulge, pops out those teeny weeny nacelles of its own, and watches the four identical "arrow splinters" engage the enemy.

Timo Saloniemi
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