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Re: How many transporter rooms on TOS Enterprise?

You actually did make yourself clear, Greg, and I understood what you're saying; what I'm saying is that your interpretation is not consistent with the reference images. The change in gooseneck/door angle across various episodes is very apparent in the screen shots, and your last statement that Spock's shadow is being cast on the "kiosk wall" — that is, the wall that supports his science console — would mean that his shadow was falling on the console itself. But clearly this is not the case in the shot.

Perhaps you are interpreting that the patch of purple between the silver stripe and the yellow stripe is one single wall panel that connects those two stripes? If so, I would point out that this would have the science console projecting out from that hypothetical wall edge-out, and at a very strange angle. No, it is clear from the Bele-transporting reference shot that the console is attached to a wall by its back face; a wall that is not shown in this scene due to the camera angle. (Also hidden in this scene is the red intercom panel above the console, which would be visible if there was a wall directly between the silver and yellow stripes.)

The "shadow wall" appears coplanar with the larger wall segment to the left (look near Spock's left foot), and this is perpendicular to the doorway wall. The shadow wall does not connect directly to the gooseneck wall: you have to visualize the intermediate (hidden) console wall; that's what you're missing.

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