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Re: The strong link between 70s/80s Trek literature & JJ Abrams Star T

The success Abrams and his team had with M:I:III was what got them the Trek gig.
Hmm. That would explain much of the extreme revisionism and gleeful junking of canon (as I understand it, the whole premise of the M:I film franchise was that Jim Phelps had gone bad; that, for me, would be reason enough not to see it even if I had only slightly more interest in Tom Cruise movies than I did in Mel Gibson movies).

But the OP certainly has a valid point here: if James Tiberius Kirk was a "problem teen" with a tendency towards juvenile delinquency with a mostly-absentee father, and was only straightened out by Dad arranging for him to go on a mission with Bob April, he would have been a total mess with a dead father (and quite possibly, an apathetic stepfather).
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