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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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Yep, the other thread got locked, but this is the other half of narrative elephant sitting in the middle of the writer's room. It's not a big deal, but it's amazing how we all feel compelled to deny that these stories even have the tiny or common flaws.
I feel the film has a ton of flaws, I just don't see Spock not going to change the timeline as one of them.
The knowledge he has of the "possible" future is NOT arcane knowledge that would alter this timeline. Rather, Old Spock is now a part of this timeline. The timeline has already been changed. Where it goes from here depends on how agents (Old Spock included) decide to act. He would only be changing the timeline in the mundane sense in which we all change the future when we act on the basis of information. Warning Starfleet about V'Ger would not undo an existing reality, because Old Spock's decisions in this timeline have yet to form what that reality will be. Old Spock's superior data about threats is supremely useful information which he could share to save billions of lives (let's bracket the question of time-traveling to save Vulcan).
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