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Re: Reunification 25 Years After Star Trek The Next Generation

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I honestly don't know why people sympathize with her so much... I mean to me she bolted away from the show as quick as she could and has spent the time since trying to get back into it.
Let me see if I can put this into perspective for you.

Producers: Alright Denise. This next Star Trek series is going to be very different from the original. You are going to be one of Star Trek's most bada** characters because you're going to be manning the tactical station onboard the Federation flagship, a position that would make any tactical officer jealous. Your character has been trained physically and mentally to handle all kinds of situations. In short, when things go bad, everyone will look to you.

The result?

Yar: As security chief, I cannot just stand here and let-
Picard: Yes you can Lieutenant!

Yar: If we can at least damage their ship we'll have a chance-
Picard: Lieutenant, are you recommending we fight a life form that can do all those things? I'd like to hear your advice.
Yar: ... I spoke before I thought sir.

Yar: I wish I could help you, Captain.

Yar: *On the verge of tears* ...Well, I, er. It sounds strange, but I'm in a penalty box.

Yar: I'm certain I could disable their ship with a phaser burst, Captain.
Picard: And then, Lieutenant?

Yep. Her character isn't some idiot ball who makes dumb suggestions only to be put down by our enlightened Captain Picard now, is she? I'm honestly surprised she didn't leave sooner. The only reason she wanted to come back was becayse the whole creative team behind TNG had drastically changed after season 2. The poison that was Maurice Hurley was gone, Gene Roddenberry didn't have as much control over the series due to his health, and Michael Piller took on the role as head writer.
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