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Re: why is s6 > s7 ?

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Also remember two of TNG strongest writers were barely available for real writing, for a big stretch of the earlier part of season 7. Braga and Moor spent the earlier part of season 7 writing, and rewriting to death Generations. Meaning that they couldn't contribute to the level they normally had in previous seasons. Once they finished that what happens we get Pegasus and Parallels as their first real assignments of the season.
Too bad Generations turned out to be shit. I hate that movie for being one of the big reasons for the decline of season seven. They should have waited after the show was OVER to get started on the movie like any sane person would have done.
^ I think there is much truth in this, and agree with it completely. Of course, Rick Berman was very much a studio player and almost never "bucked the system" in his 15+ year tenure at the top of the totem on Star Trek. The studio gave them a firm release date for GENS mere months after TNG was to go off the air, so that's what Berman aimed for. Frankly, we're lucky that GENS is even as watchable as it is (the very same problem plagued Insurrection, which was given a release date before a single page of the script had even been written!). I agree it was crazy, and it's why GENS has got so many inconsistencies as well. Nobody came out of that one looking good.
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