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Re: I love having new gadgets.. got me a Samsung Galaxy 3S

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My mum got one of those for x-mas. Since it's her first swipe/tap/shake operated device I get to be her go-to tech wizard (same with the ipad dad got for x-mas).

Sounds cool, right? -well it's not! It means I have to figure out how to problemsolve on two devices I don't have and on two operating systems I have never before done anything on

I have however found that of the two devices, the S III is the one I too would like to have. Only, my N900 (from 2009) still does everything I could ever want from a smartphone (although somewhat slower than newer phones)

But, yeah, congrats on your phone -it is a nifty toy and quite the smart phone
Welcome to my world a few years back when i made the mistake and gave my dad an old laptop i didn't use (and was too dingy to sell).
Result was me on permant tech support alert (we only lived about 200m apart back then) and i became a master in installing a Windows OS every 2-3 months.
Fortunately he retired a few years ago and moved away which probably saved our relationship in the long run.. now he pays a young software engineer to provide tech support (and after talking to him he admitted indirectly that he sometimes regrets having offered his help. Sucka! ).

Anyway.. very happy with my phone. Still not a poweruser who juggles multiple apps at the same time and is connected to everything but the occasional web surfing during lunch break, checking mails and using the nav system is quite handy.
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