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Outstanding job Matt As you said in the interview, James Swallow is "Fantastic!". James is a true Star Trek fan. It is evident from this interview and his writing, he has no qualms in acknowledging how much Trek has done for his career. And I for one am happy he has enjoyed writng trek as much as I've enjoyed reading his books.

Kudos to Marco Palmieri for pushing James to write Day of the Vipers. So many current trek authors have benefited from his friendship and editorial skills it is amazing.

I (like Matt and James) could not agree more on loving the Wrath of Khan uniforms/time period. Like Matt, The Undiscovered Country, is my favorite ST film and Jame's follow up book Cast No Shadow, is my all time favorite ST novel. It was AWESOME(!) to hear his thoughts and backstory on the book. I think he did an amazing job writing that book and I'd love to see him revisit that era

Thanks again Chris and Matt for an excellent show
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