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Re: First Contact Censorship?

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Resolved, That those things which are included in the following list shall not appear in pictures produced by the members of this Association, irrespective of the mann[er] in which they are treated.

1. Pointed profanity-by either title or lip-this includes the words "God," "Lord," "Jesus," Christ" (unless they be used reverently in connection with proper religious ceremonies), "hell," "damn," "Gawd," and every other profane and vulgar expression however it may be spelled;
But what if the 'offending' phrase isn't actually being incorrectly used ? Maybe the character is genuinely imploring the deity of their choice to damn someone ?
It would depend on the context, I suppose. If it were a priest delivering a sermon about how God would damn sinners, then it might be allowed.

This is similar to how the original Star Trek handled "hell" and "damn." They were able to use "Hell" as a reference to the underworld on several occasions: "I'll chase you to the very fires of Hell!" in "The Alternative Factor," "It is better to rule in Hell than serve in heaven" in "Space Seed," and "They say there's no devil, but there is. Right out of Hell, I saw it!" in "The Doomsday Machine." They were even able to use "Hell for leather, right out of history" in "Spectre of the Gun," because it was a descriptive phrase, not an expletive. But they had to fight the network censors to be allowed to have Kirk say "Let's get the hell out of here" at the end of "City on the Edge of Forever." (Chakoteya's transcript of "A Piece of the Action" claims that Krako says "How the hell'd I get here" after being beamed aboard the Enterprise, but it sounds to me like "Ho-how di--how'd I get here?") By the same token, they were able to use "damn" literally as a verb -- "The evidence... was damning" in "Court-martial" and "I can't damn him for his loyalty" in "Journey to Babel" -- but never as an expletive or curse. Context is key.
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