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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The Sontaran Experiment (Fourth Doctor).

Although somewhat short, this story serves as a good sequel to the events of The Time Warrior, right down to having the same actor, Kevin Lindsay, playing both Sontarans featured in the story. Lynx, in The Time Warrior, was scouting the area when he was attacked by the Rutans, and now Styre is making a detailed examination of the Earth for the purpose of invasion. Waiting 10,000 some-odd years seems odd but then again so does fighting the Rutans for 50,000. As far as I know this is the only classic Doctor Who serial filmed entirely on location and it works to the story's advantage. That said, more information about the creation of the Human's stellar Empire would have been interesting.

Genesis of the Daleks (Fourth Doctor).

This is definitely one of the best Dalek serials I've ever seen. Most of the characters are well written, though some such as Sevrin didn't have much to do beyond running around. The Nazi images are rampant and well used. The serial also introduces the character Davros, creator of the Daleks, and he is used to great effect. I'm fine with the fact that Terry Nation changed how the Daleks were created because he came up with a much more interesting story this time around. Instead of evolving naturally from the Dals due to the radiation on Skaro, as shown in The Daleks, they are genetically engineered creations who rebelled against their masters.

It's also interesting that Davros is referred to as a Kaled despite his radically different appearance. The fact that he is confined to a chair and has the use of only one arm suggests that he was involved in some king of accident. Hopefully more information will be given about him in future serials since I know he did not actually die at the end of Genesis.
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