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Re: Speed of Ferengi cultural change: Believable?

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As said:
How long did it take for the majority of USA's population to reject racism? How many centuries?
1 year is supposed to be believable? Ridiculous.
Once people got the idea that maybe general racism wasn't a good thing? About ten or twenty years. That very idea wasn't exactly new, but it wasn't widely vocalized until the 1950's or '60's - in any part of the world. And in fact, it is still the operating norm in most of the world.
Really? 1850-60?
That would be 1865 at the very latest (the end of the american civil war).
Of course, influential philosophers have demonstrated the moral bankrupcy of slavery long before that to anyone who cared to look.

BTW, 1 year is not even close to enough for 'profit' to materialize from women gaining rights:
-in order to buy (creating profit for ferengi business men), one must have money; in order to gain money, one must have a job; in order to have a job, one must have skills useful on the work market - skills which the vast majority of ferengi women lacked.
The Ferengi economy is way different than the world economy today. There is very little actual stuff produced, it seems - they are mostly middlemen of one sort or another, bureaucrats, and service types. They just need the lobes for business.
Lobes for business is just a trekkie word for business skills.
And, as any worthwhile skills, business skills are 1% inspiration, 99% teaching/learning and practice. The latter utterly lacking with ferengi females.

Again - USA is a good example:
Did the freedom of afro-americans translate into more profit for the former slavers?
And the afro-americans did have useful skills (in agriculture, primarily).
Initially, yes. Any money is more than what they were making, being slaves and all. Things mostly went bad after the Reconstruction, when all sorts of racism was institutionalized by law, instead of just being the default situation (it didn't matter much, not with most of the blacks in the South being slaves and all).
The profit the ferengi females would be making (which is close to 0) is secondary, when it comes to their acceptance by the rest of society.

What matters is the profit the rest of the ferengi will be making from the liberation of females (which is 0). Indeed, they'll loose money (someone has to pay to support the ferengi females - without claiming them as property/trophies, that is).
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